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“Friend” the IRS: The Internal Revenue Service and Social Media

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Tax Tips |

You probably know that you can reach out to an accountant or a tax law firm if you ever have any tax issues, but did you know you can also connect with the IRS via social media? “Friending” the Internal Revenue Service might sound awkward, but for those who file their own forms, it could be helpful.

The IRS, in their bid to become more user-friendly, runs accounts on several different social media platforms. Whether you prefer tweeting or friending, tax news is now easier to come by. The goal of these accounts is to share information, not offer individual advice. For that, it is extremely important to speak to a qualified accountant or tax law attorney.

If you’re filling out forms or just trying to figure out where to start, the IRS has several videos up on YouTube. They feature tips and information in English, Spanish, American Sign Language.

Prefer your information in 140-character tweets? Follow @IRSnews on Twitter for the latest from the Internal Revenue Service.

How about a handy, dandy IRS podcast? Videos and tips, along with a podcast for your listening pleasure, are available on the IRS’s Tumblr site.

Looking for a mobile IRS solution? The IRS2Go App can be found in the Google Play store as well as the Apple App store. Featuring tips and videos, the handy app will also let you check the status of your refund or pay your tax bill.

Of course, the IRS’s spread into social media wouldn’t be complete without Facebook. The world’s predominant social media platform can be your source for IRS news and tax tips to help you file this year.

If you prefer to avoid apps and social media, the IRS has not forgotten about you! You can subscribe to its email subscriptions and pick which you’d like to receive in your inbox.

Remember, these tools are not for individual questions, just general information and tips. A trustworthy tax law firm is your best bet for information relevant to your specific tax case. For safety reasons, do not post private information such as your social security number on these sites and ignore anyone who reaches out to you asking for personal information. The IRS communicates with taxpayers solely through written documentation mailed to their home address. Anyone purporting to be with the IRS that contacts you in a comments section is almost surely running a scam.

If the IRS is getting “unfriendly” with you, whether it’s because of unfiled tax returns or offshore accounts, don’t just unfollow—seek help. A tax law firm that specializes in back taxes and offshore account disclosures can help you navigate tax law and determine what is your best move. The IRS enforcing deadlines and issues penalties, so it is imperative to speak to a tax law attorney as soon as you realize you may need one. Whether you need help with an audit, disclosing offshore account, or with back taxes, a tax law firm can help make the way forward clearer.23

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Common Tax Terms to Make Life Easier

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Tax Tips |


Ready to dive into your 1040? Of course you’re not, who is? While preparing tax forms and pouring over tax law may seem fun for an accountant or a tax law attorney, it can be downright confusing for the rest of us. Here are a few commonly used terms you’ll encounter throughout the process. Hopefully they help take some of the headache out of tax season.


Filing Status:

There are a few different filing statuses to choose from. If you are a single person, you will be filing as a single person, unless you help pay for more than 50% of another household’s cost. If you’re married, you and your spouse need to decide if you’ll file jointly or if you’ll file two separate returns. Some tax software can determine which is a better deal for your family. If you don’t want to spend the money on software, it may be a good idea to complete a few forms to see which filing status is more advantageous.


Other filing statuses include Head of Household or as a Widow(er) with a qualifying child. To determine if you can file as a Head of Household or as a Widow(er), it is important to work through the questions on the instructions for the 1040. Best tax lawyer in connecticut just for you!



Your gross income includes all of your income, whether from interest, a W-4, a 1099, or tips. Your adjusted gross income (AGI) is the income number that will be used to determine what you owe. It is your gross income adjusted by subtracting certain deductions like student loan interest, alimony, and IRA deductions. This number doesn’t just show up on federal returns. You may be asked for it on your state and local returns as well.


Credits, Deductions, and Exemptions

We love credits! Credits are tax reductions, essentially cutting down your tax bill. The Earned Income Tax Credit is neglected frequently. Take a moment and see if you qualify! Other notable credits include the Child Tax Credit and the Child and Dependant Care Tax Credit.


Deductions are subtracted from your taxable income. Deductions can be itemized and will include payments for health care and donations to charity. Alternatively, you can select the standardized deductions rather than filling out another form. is place for you!


“Exemptions” is essentially a funny word to call you and your family. As long as you are not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes, you can claim yourself, a spouse, and any dependent children as your exemptions. You’ll be able to subtract $4,000 off your AGI for every exemption this year.


If you’ve found yourself in hot water with the IRS, whether it’s due to not filing returns or offshore accounting practices, speak with a tax attorney immediately. The IRS communicates solely through snail mail and uses their official seal on all their correspondence.  Find more information here!Any letter that requires a response will feature a deadline, whether it’s for more information or for an appeal of a decision. Because of this, it is imperative to contact a tax attorney as soon as you receive a notice from the IRS. A knowledgeable tax law firm can help you understand what the IRS is asking of you and inform you of your options.

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Tax Evasion Poses a Growing Problem for the IRS

Tax Evasion Poses a Growing Problem for the IRS

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Tax Tips |

Tax evasion is something that has fascinated many people over the years. It’s something that people from all economic levels have attempted. Some have gotten away with it, while others have found themselves in Tax Court, defending their actions.

The most shocking case of tax evasion to the rock the United States was the case involving Martha Stewart. No one could believe that the fresh faced woman who seemed so straight forward would have dared commit such a crime, yet that’s exactly what she did. In addition to serving time for insider trading, she was required to pay the IRS more than $220,000 in back taxes.

The man best known as the red headed stranger learned the hard way that the government doesn’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to tax evasion. In 1990, Willie Nelson was stunned when special agents working for the IRS seized nearly all of his assets and he was also required to pay more than $16 million dollars in back taxes. The sad part of Willie Nelson’s situation was that the main culprit in his case was the company he used to handle his taxes who invested the money instead of sending it to the IRS, which just goes to show that you always need to double check your tax papers yourself. Make sure you only worked with trusted tax attorneys or you could find yourself in the same position.

Annie Leibovitz became famous when she took a photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono that was printed on the cover of the Rolling Stones. That one cover was the all she needed to become one of the most in-demand photographers in the world, which led to some unwise spending habits and financial choices. It didn’t take long for the IRS to catch up to her. The amount she owed for her back taxes, more than $2.1 million forced her to give up her copyrights toRichard_Hatch_NBC past and future photographs.

Richard Hatch was one of the first everyday people who rocketed to fame as a result of
a reality show. He won the
very first season of Survivor. It turns out that when you win a show that people who work for the IRS most likely watch, it pays to be honest when filing your taxes. As a result of his tax evasion, Richard Hatch was sentenced to 6 years in prison, which apparently didn’t teach him anything since he went back to prison in 2011 when the IRS reported that he hadn’t filed his amended returns either.

Tax evasion isn’t something that only the rich and famous commit. It’s a problem for every class of tax payers. In California there are more than 250 tax evaders who owe the state a collective $175 million in back taxes. Financial experts believe that in the past decade alone, tax evasion has cost the country $3.09 trillion.

Tax evasion is an ugly term that can destroy your life. It’s a term that the special agents working for the IRS will throw around if they knock on your door in an attempt to get your to answer their questions and possibly say something incriminating. Instead of panicking, it’s in your best interest to contact a reputable tax audit attorney who will look at all the facts of your case and advise you about the best way to proceed.

When it comes to an accusation of tax evasion, you can’t afford to wait. Contacting a tax audit attorney such as you’ll find at is the best way to untangle the legal mess so you can get on with your life.3

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